The Phu Lam facility has become a Vietnamese military installation. The old perimeter swamp is now filled with 3 and 4 story apartment buildings. Phu Lam veterans who have returned to Vietnam have had difficulty finding the location. The current military installation is off-limits, but a few have spotted 2 of the tropo antennas and tops of a couple buildings, behind the surrounding apartments.

2006 Phu Lam from a distance. Only the top of 2 tropo antennas are visible. 2006.

Photo Courtesy of Frank Duke taken by Nghia Tran Tang, Frank's travel guide.

2005 photo of thenew Front Gate from Highway 4. Note the AUTODIN building on the right.

Photo Courtesy of Terry McCall
pl3 1999 Phu Lam Antennas

Photos Courtesy of Wray Hall
pl4 1999 Phu Lam Two story barracks still in use

Photo Courtesy of Wray Hall