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b1 Now this looks mischievous.

SP/4 Kirkpatrick (rear left)
Capt. Fox (center) PFC Spooner (front) PFC Ward (rear right)
Party in celebration on AUTODIN going live in 1968.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Kirkpatrick
dave David Pfaff ready for Guard Duty

Photo Courtesy of David Pfaff
rooftop Phu Lamers on hotel roof, when Phu Lamers lived off base in hotels.

From Left Clockwise: Don Murray, Bob Bozeman, Unknown, John McCoy, Chris Kenney, Bruce Shimala

Photo Courtesy of Bill Seater
pb4 Waitress (Bui Thi Minh Phoung) serving breakfast in the Mess Hall

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Piercy
pb5 Phu Lamers and ARVN soldiers taking down the flags

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Piercy